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Our Services

720 FeelGoodMuzic studio offers a home for the professional as well as the novice producer who needs a place for recording or tracking, with or without an engineer. The editing software programs range from FL to Pro Tools. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art digital software and plugins for the in the box creator(computer) and to the hands-on analog professional who understands the warmth of hardware we offer an array of outboard analog gear to stand alone or alongside any digital application to bring about a hybrid situation, that gives you the best of both worlds all into one great experience!!


The FeelGoodStudio is a local private set located in Atl. Ga. for all means of production i.e. vocals, music, writing, film scoring, video etc.




  • Studio time with an engineer is 65.00 an hr.

  • Studio time without and engineer is 45.00 an hr.

  • All in house production are done/created in a co-producing capacity unless the client brings a complete musical production and only requires vocals!


  • Musical Compositions range from 1500.00 to 10,000.00

  • Mixing in the box (computer) is 600.00 a song with 50 tracks or less!!
    (Any thing over 50 tracks price is TBD at the time of commitment.)

  • Mixing using the combination of in the box and hardware is 1200.00 a song with 50 tracks or less!!
    (Anything over 50 tracks price is TBD at the time of commitment.)


Audio Mastering services are performed by Grammy Judge EH

If you are an Indie artist and not a major label artist, Mastering charges are $75 per song. New versions of the same song, such as instrumentals, acapella, and radio, are charged a flat rate of $25 each. We only accept properly mixed down stereo files, preferably wave or AIFF format. If you only have an MP3 file, make sure it is 320kbps. Wave or AIFF files should be 48k/24bit. We are happy to work with you on a price if you have more than five songs. We will invoice you 1/2 the cost of your project before beginning your Mastering project. Once you are happy with the final product, we will send you a minute-and-a-half sample of your song. We will send a CashApp request for the remaining balance if all is satisfactory. This is an outside service of our long-time vendor!!


NOTE: rates are subject to change; publishing is non-negotiable we will retain our 100%/50% of composition royalties!! This also applies to any writing of any composition via 720 FeelGoodMuzic agents or its principles!!


The 720FeelGoodMuzic label offers artist development (A & R) and publishing for each of its contracted members as well as for those of you who are looking for a home of creators who can be trusted with divine creation and who will work with you for the success of your project by attending its relationship to you!!

720 Production team members and 6 time Grammy nominated Producer Tre Funk AKA The Glue are a mixture of well-seasoned vets of the industry who have been fortune to work with well-known artists such as the legendary Al Green, Pattie Labelle, The BarKays, Michael McDonald, BBD, New Edition, Bobby Brown, John Legend, Mario, Goodie Mob, L.A. Sno, Jazzy Faye etc. just to name a few but you get the picture!!!

Be on the lookout for our next artist TBL aka T’Bone Lavon with his smashing new single The West and highly anticipated album Taking It To The City!!

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