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  J-Wood is a composer, music producer, mixer, writer, designer and finds the time to highly engage in being a community philanthropist in Fayetteville Ga. He is a self-taught bass guitar and keyboard player and an engineer with the ability to use all digital platforms of editing i.e. FL, Logic, Pro Tools, Cakewalk, etc. In bass language music he is continuing his study under a world-renowned bassist Alex Sampson. J-Wood has also set in a few classes with Tres Funk one of Atlanta’s premier Bassist, who has accolades in the likeness of 6-Time Grammy nominated, bassist on  Charlie Wilson of “The Gap Band”, New Edition, En Vogue, Jill Scott, Head of State “The Summit” (Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill & Ralph Tres-vant), Kelly Price, Calvin Richardson just to name a few and oh let’s not forget that J-Wood himself has produced  a few songs for L.A.Sno of Multi-Platinum group Duice; Dazzey Duks, Whatz up, Whatz up, That’s Just My Baby Daddy, Tha BeamTeam, One Deuce, Bre A.K.A. TP and his underrated debut album The First Coming and now he has the privileged to bring you the next generation of Soulful Southern Soul byway of 720FeelGoodMuzic “(a division of Darrius Jevon & Associates).” T-Bone Lavon”

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Label’s resources empower artists to advance their careers in meaningful ways while remaining focused on their craft—all with zero financial risk.

Our decision-making prowess, detail-oriented support system, and industry partnerships give artists an advantageous path to marketplace success while freeing them to focus exclusively on their musical vision.


Our approach prioritizes sync licensing, but we don’t stop there. The Label team offers artists insight and dedicated support in areas of song development, administration, distribution, branding, and more. Additionally, we pay for everything upfront, from creation to promotion. That means zero financial risk to the artist; if we don’t perform, it’s our loss.

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When it comes to artist development, our record label is the place to be. We offer comprehensive programs to help refine your skills, perfect your stage presence, and increase your marketability. From top to bottom, we give our artists all the tools they need to succeed. Prepare to step into the spotlight and captivate audiences with your talent and style.

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The 720


Most labels operate in similar ways, and, essentially, we operate like most other labels—with one notable difference: our sync-first approach. It’s far beyond status-quo industry standards, and it’s what gives Label artists the advantage. Our network of notable licensing partners greatly extends our reach in the marketplace. Additionally, our direct line to sister company Musicbed maximizes opportunities for sync-licensing revenue in their client base, thanks to real-time market insight and favorable visibility on the platform.

We enjoy preferred treatment as a label and handle all of the tedious distribution work that accompanies a release.

  • We utilize specialized partners to distribute releases to dozens of stores.

  • We optimize/QC how releases populate across platforms to ensure accuracy on title formatting, ordering, artist bios, etc.

  • We use our direct access to label reps at Spotify and Apple Music for editorial playlist pitching.

  • We formulate a marketing strategy for every release and execute appropriately in each market.

Our Services



At our record label, we specialize in providing top-notch production services for vocal and music composition. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who know exactly what it takes to bring your artistic vision to life. From developing melodies to post-production, we provide a comprehensive approach to music production that is unmatched by our competitors.



Our engineering services are essential to bringing out the full potential of your music. At our record label, we offer top-notch mixing, recording, and troubleshooting services to ensure that your music sounds its best. We have years of experience and use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest quality sound possible.



Our mixing services are the perfect way to elevate your music to the next level. At our Record Label, we specialize in finding the perfect balance between live instruments and vocals, no matter the genre. Let us help you create a sound that will leave your audience wanting more.

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